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Adult Enrichment

The Adult Enrichment program is dedicated to providing the best in lifelong learning opportunities for all Forest Hills residents and greater Grand Rapids area residents. Community Enrichment classes allow you to learn a new skill, explore an interest, meet new people, and connect with others like you, who seek to enrich their lives through meaningful learning experiences. From computers to fitness, creative arts to personal finance, there’s a course to satisfy every interest.


Classes are offered each quarter/season (fall, winter, spring and summer). We stay up on the hottest trends is enrichment education and offer several new, fresh classes each quarter as well as perennial favorites that our community enjoys. We publish our classes in a printed class catalog three times a year:  fall, winter, and spring/summer. It is mailed to all Forest Hills families and others who sign up on our mailing list. Also, you can access an interactive version of the catalog by clicking the cover graphic on the left side of this page. Of course, you can access/register for all of our classes by clicking on the Classes/Events button above.


Community Services instructors are interviewed and evaluated before they can teach classes for us. Instructors must have an educational background, experience, in-depth knowledge and/or skills in the subject area they are teaching. Many are certified classroom teachers. Instructors provide our supervisors and coordinators with a class overview and lesson plans for each class so we can ensure that your class experience meets your expectations and ours. We invite enrolled students to give us feedback on their enrichment class instructors.


Classes are taught primarily in Forest Hills Public School facilities located conveniently around the school district. Some classes require specialized equipment or specific installations not within the school district and so these are taught at nearby Grand Rapids businesses, organizations, and/or facilities we have partnered with to provide you with optimal learning experiences! Please see our class location map (under the menu Quick Links above) if you are unsure how to get to one of these offsite locations.


Photography Class

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